A personal site to share my finds with the users of the PPC DELL AXIM X5 and  the GPS GARMIN ETREX VENTURE for their use during mountain bike rides.









This cable is a unidirectional cable, it works for the information flow GPS towards Axim
Unidirectional = GPS - > Axim.
Only this information flow is necessary when you use your Etrex as an antenna GPS (example : Tomtom in protocol NMEA).

This personnal cable connects directly between Dell Axim and Etrex, it replaces requiring assembly : the serial cable Garmin, the serial cable Dell and an adapter to connect these 2 cables.

If you want to use your Axim with GPS software with exchange of roads, tracks or  waypoints with Etrex : this cable will not work, because for these exchanges  of data is needed  a bidirectional communication
 Bidirectionnel = GPS <-> AXIM
 For an bidirectional assembly : to realize an assembly with base of circuit Max 232, see 1 link at the end of page.

You need :
- 1 connector for Axim
- 1 connector for Etrex
- 2 résistances  33 Ko
- 1 résistance  5.6 Ko
- 2 transistors NPN : BC109 or BC171 or BC337 or BC547, you have the choice ! It is necessary to take transistors with plastic case to avoid a shunt..
- the recommanded cable lenght should not exceed 5 m (15 feet)

Connectors come from godamic

The only difficulty is the soldering of the pins of the connector Axim, they are very small, don't make a mistake about brooch or shunt, I use a Weller 15 watts.
 I included assembly in the cover of the Axim's connector. And respected rigorously the wiring of the diagram.



How does it work ?

The transistor T1 receives the signal of Etrex (RS232) and adapts level for Axim (TTL).

Axim does not like to receive data on its input connection (RX) if Axim is not ready to receive them, he authorizes reception by putting the pin DTR in 0 volts.

The transistor T2 authorizes the arrival of data coming from Etrex as soon as Axim is ready for the reception (DTR change from 4 volts to 0 volts).

 When Axim is in receive mode it's pin TX stays in 4 volts, I use this signal to power assembly. By this craftiness assembly does not require any outside battery.



Setting Etrex Venture :
 - Setting
 - Interface
 - Input NMEA/Output NMEA

Setting Axim :
 - Tom Tom navigator GPS or Garmin Etrex
 - Serial cable in COM1

For information this assembly was conceived, tested and realized, so it is guaranteed functional. It is used with a Dell Axim X5 BASIC, a GPS GARMIN ETREX VENTURE and Tomtom 2.


Some photos
The opened connector seen with 2 sides and cable connected with 2 connected and synchronized devices.



Useful links :

To order connectors : gomadic
To find the pinout of Axim's connector : bevhoward
To find the pinout of Etrex's connector : lexicon
Adaptator bidirectional using Max232 : podge
Adaptator unidirectional with serial cable Dell and serial cable Garmin : player5667

I am not responsible for the bad use of these informations.